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Setting up a business at any time can be difficult. Whether you see a clear gap in the market, want to try and exploit a niche or simply have a great new idea. Bringing it to life takes hard work, dedication and an unshakable belief.

Now think about setting up a tattoo studio in the beautiful, picturesque, historical town of Taunton, Somerset. Not your traditional setting for a business of that nature. You would normally associate such a business with the vibrant urban areas of London. But getting this venture off the ground was a dream of Damian Michalak, a purist of the form and someone who takes his skill very seriously indeed.

His store, Perpetual Art Design, specialises in quality body art created with care and attention. Using top of the line equipment, creative design and attention to detail, Perpetual Art Design create, true works of art.

Challenges however have never been too far behind and have cropped up one after the other testing the resolve and patience of the team. Damian Michalak owner and CEO explains “First and foremost the challenge of sticking out like a sore thumb in such a quiet town was huge. People didn’t think we belonged here and attached a stereotype to us, assuming a typical customer would sweep the town and make noise, noise, noise.”

Overcoming such an obstacle and to change the public’s perception was always going to be difficult, add to that the lack of customers and you find the infancy of Perpetual Art Design a very difficult journey.

He continues “We found the challenge of getting our name out there very difficult. As well as a slow start in terms of customers, other factors started to take hold of the business. Day to day cashflow became an issue, we needed to get some equipment fixed and everything seemed to be going downhill.”

Fellow business owners can relate to Damian’s difficulties, getting that extra bit of funding to grow is essential to a successful business. “That’s why we went to Capital on Tap, they are tailor made for a business like us. The speed of their application and approval process was impressive. Once we were approved, we had funding in our account the same day. The next day we went out, got our equipment fixed and spent the rest of our funding on trying new things to attract customers.”

Trying new things, like going to university nights and other hot spots his core customers go to was a stroke of genius. Armed with leaflets, designs and his own tattoos on show Damian was able to craft a small following which has since grown across the town.

Now they boast 3 staff, a much brighter and funkier workspace, as well as state-of- the-art equipment that keeps them ahead of the trend curve.

The work is more varied and diverse than ever and the clients come from all backgrounds. The beauty of the growth is shown in diverse array of clients coming into the store on a daily basis. Word of mouth continues to spread and tattoos are becoming the thing to have in Somerset.

“We’ve come a long way from where we were at the start of opening this studio. We’ve broken stereotypes, introduced our craft and created quite a following. Capital on Tap opened doors to help us realise the potential of our business, the speed of the entire process meant we could start doing the things we wanted straight away. Much quicker than if we had gone down the traditional funding route. Now whenever we need a little extra boost for another new idea we want to try, we know that funds are literally only a click away.”

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