Transforming trade credit at Capital on Tap

Faster Decisions

Customers expect rapid responses and taking too much time to make decisions can cost valuable sales. Complex, lengthy forms and internal processes can create a poor customer experience. The vast majority of customers will automatically migrate to ‘the path of least resistance.’ In other words, the supplier that makes it easy for them to make a purchasing decision. Capital On Tap enables your business to remove the obstacles that slow the onboarding of customers which, in turn, helps you to drive revenue growth.

More Sales

Our technology platform allows you to process a credit application in minutes with a confirmed credit decision in one hour, ensuring that your Sales Team maximise the revenue from each new customer. Our unique underwriting process also enables you to provide bigger and more flexible trade credit terms to your existing customers. Typically, we provide up to 80% of our clients customers with more credit, resulting in increases in sales of up to 20%.

No Risk

Every approved invoice processed through our platform is bad debt protected, meaning that your risk of non-payment is eliminated. We also guarantee to pay you for 100% of the value of your invoice on the invoice due date, meaning that you GET PAID ON TIME, EVERY TIME.

Less Cost

Our automated technology platform manages underwriting, credit control, collections and payment processing. Enabling you to focus on revenue growth whilst reducing costs.

To find out how we can help your business, please get in touch with our Director of Sales, Paul Scarratt at or 07734 956003.