Customer success story: Oakstone Designs Ltd.

Where every budding chef has created a Michelin star masterpiece, the kitchen is that place in the home where imagination meets functionality. Whether it be cooking for a special occasion, a family affair, a date or simply after a long day’s work, every homeowner dreams of having that perfect space to create tantalising dishes to delight their taste buds.

No wonder it’s the most popular place to start for home improvements. Dreams of having the perfect kitchen though come with a range of ideas for how to combine practical storage and functionality with a stand out design.That’s where Steven Kennedy and his company Oakstone Designs Ltd come in!

Based in Darlington in County Durham, Steven and his team create bespoke kitchen solutions to match each customer’s needs. Working closely with a team of highly skilled craftsman and an innovative design team, they create beautifully crafted, solidly built furniture with a very English twist. Operating since 2004, they’ve always kept the customer’s needs first and foremost, ensuring they get a highly personalised and unique service experience.

Inevitably, as business has expanded there has been more stress placed on Steven and his team including a need for added cash flow. After exploring other options, Steven decided to go with Capital on Tap and their lending facility, and hasn’t regretted it for a moment!  “Now we’re ready for anything unexpected that crops up because at the back of our minds, we know we have a cash flow facility that really fulfils our needs.”

Now in its twelfth year, the quality of their work has enabled Oakstone Designs Ltd to steadily grow from strength to strength over the last decade, securing their position as one of the premier kitchen companies for discerning customers in the North-East. It’s a testament to the quality of their work that Oakstone Designs Ltd is in the unique position of having to open a new store just to keep up with the demand!

It just goes to show, that with a great team around you, great products and access to funding when you need it you can create the recipe for success.

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