Customer success story: Special Occasion Hire

Your wedding day is something many women dream about from when they are little girls. With scrapbooks filled with pristine white dresses, sparkling diamonds and lush flower arrangements, it’s no surprise that brides know exactly what they want, and compromise isn’t always on the cards! While Bridezillas may strike terror into the hearts of many, Rosemary, founder of Special Occasion Hire, not only takes the challenge head on, but thrives on it.

From a career in fashion retail management and design, Rosemary has always had a flair for the artistic, putting together elaborate window displays in Selfridges that stop passerbys in their tracks. It was while planning her own wedding back in 2005 – a romantic affair with candles, a mint green and cream theme, and chair covers she had made herself! – that she decided to pursue a career helping others put together their perfect special day.

From your local church to the Gherkin, Rosemary now turns those childhood longings into stunning reality. And while her personal taste is towards clean and elegant lines, she’s not opposed to anything out of the ordinary (can you say gothic wedding?!). This is because for Rosemary it’s all about the personal touches and creating each bride’s vision, rather than pushing out carbon copy weddings.

Since then, Special Occasion Hire has won Event Decorator of the Year (London) at the English Wedding Awards 2016, as well as being featured in Your London Wedding four times! And her customer success speaks for itself with most of her business coming through word of mouth (she did a 1st birthday for a previous bride recently) and also their engaging and lush instagram

With business booming and Special Occasion Hire expanding into other events (birthdays, anniversary, corporate events, etc.), Rosemary got to the point where she needed cash flow and she needed it now. While exploring different options with banks she heard about Capital on Tap from her husband. She was amazed when within an hour of applying the money was in her account. Then, having the ability to log in online and leave the funds there for when she needs it, while always knowing exactly how much is available has been a real life saver.

“Things always pop up. Look at how much the prices change at flower markets. People just need some stability, life is complicated enough. Capital on Tap has given me that and made sure that I always have that cash flow.”

What’s next for Rosemary and Special Occasion Hire? With a particular passion for floor design and the desire to have her own show room, there certainly is enough to go around. Capital on Tap is looking forward to joining her on this journey!

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