Meet Scott from our BI Team!

Scott Thaxton, aka Thaxo, makes up half of our Business Intelligence Team. He spends his days performing deep dive analysis and brainstorming marketing strategies.

Thaxo! We all know you love a good spreadsheet. Have you always had your head buried in data?

Actually, I studied International Business at Nottingham Trent University (shout out!). And growing up I wanted to be a professional football or cricket player. I’ve always been good with numbers though, so it makes sense that I’ve ended up here.

And how exactly did you get here?

Well, I started off at Capital on Tap in the Operations Team as my first real job out of university. After a year or so I was given a project working with Shane (Head of BI) tracking our direct marketing campaigns. That’s where I got my first taste of data analysis. When Shane looked to expand his team I immediately expressed interest and the rest is history!

So what do you spend your days doing now?

It’s something different every day, but always working with data and using excel. I also get to look at everything from a high level rather than focus on one aspect of the business, which I love!

What is one thing that people probably don’t know about you?

This might be bragging a bit, but at one point I was a semi-professional footballer. I actually played in the FA Cup in the extra preliminary round.

You kept that one quiet! I’m guessing a football is something you would want if you were stranded on a desert island then?

I would definitely need a ball to kick or throw. Along with Football Manager (great game) and probably something a bit more practical like a knife.

And the soundtrack to your life that would keep you going?

Absolutely Fatboy Slim’s ‘Right Here, Right Now.’ Any time I need to get pumped before a match that is my go to jam.

Ok, let’s get off the island for a bit. It’s Saturday morning, what’s the first thing you do when you wake-up?

If it’s summer, I can guarantee that I would be packing my cricket bag. Otherwise, something less exciting like making a bowl of porridge.

I’m assuming then that you’ve been to see a lot of cricket matches?

Definitely. At the top of my bucket list actually is to see a cricket match in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka AND The Caribbean.

Sounds like a lot of air miles to me! Enough about you, what is one thing that you admire most about the person to the left of you?

I would have stay Hui’s (Designer) creative designs and the speed he produces them at. As someone who’s very much focused on numbers, that creative aspect is something that is so impressive to me. And that he can just whip it out – amazing!

What do you love most about coming to work?

Apart from the pool table and free beer? I feel like it’s a really fun environment where I get to work on something new every day.

Plus, we keep discovering other great people to join the company, so it feels like you’re building a business with your mates. I know a lot of people that live for the weekends, but I’ve never felt that way here.


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