3 (HUGE) reasons to join a start-up

There are pros and cons to any job, be it salary, company benefits or working hours. Start-ups seem to ask their employees to make a few sacrifices (they can’t necessarily offer the same wages or benefits as their bigger, older competitors), but they make up for it in many ways. Here are three (huge) reasons to join a start-up.

They will give you a chance.

We have all uttered the words “how can I get experience if no company will give me a chance?” Most start-ups will give you that chance for the simple reason that you are  exactly where they are – trying to build yourself up from scratch. Where bigger companies might reject your application based on required experience or skills, start-ups can see beyond this. What transferable skills do you have? You worked in retail to pay for your studies, that means you probably can multitask, have excellent people skills and a lot of patience. You were a writer for the school paper? Your language skills and creativity could be great for marketing.

You will learn a lot in very little time.

One of the best things about a start-up is how easy it can be to try out new things. Within my first week at Capital on Tap I had spent time in multiple departments, and a couple of years later I had learnt learnt to pitch a sale, study risk exposure, read financial accounts, create process flows and even some coding! I am not an expert in all of these fields, but I know a lot more than I thought I ever would. All these skills add up to wider experience than doing the same job in a bigger corporation. Plus, there is no greater way to end a day than with the feeling of having learnt something new, right?

The atmosphere.

One thing that start-ups understand well is how important it is to love where you work. Forget the Monday to Friday obligatory suit and tie and say hello to being who you are. A company is only as good as the people it employs, and start-ups have learnt to let their staff celebrate their individuality. Most dress codes stop at smart casual with an emphasis on the casual for most of the time, and offices are usually packed with benefits rarely found elsewhere: sports equipment, celebratory drinks, pets, sofas, video games and anything you may wish to have at hand after a stressful morning.

There are many businesses out there, but not all of them offer the same opportunities. It’s all about finding what will keep you going back to work every day.

The best way to find out if it is the right fit for you is to see it in action – why not have a look at our current open positions?

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