Customer success story: Clear Accounting Ltd

With it’s rich culture, stunning beaches and exhilarating mountains it’s no surprise that North Wales was named as one of the best regions to visit in 2017 by Lonely Planet. It follows that many would choose to call the area home, including Phil Jaycock and Clear Accounting Ltd!

Experienced ‘numbers-guru’ Phil started Clear Accounting Ltd back in 2013. As any new business owner will find, breaking into a small market where other businesses are already established can be a challenge. It didn’t take long for them to stand out from the rest though, with a more personalised service based on building real relationships with their clients. To this day, you’ll still find Phil on the road commuting daily to meet his clients at their place of business (so they don’t have to!) frequently outside of regular business hours. A nice touch that is so often missing from the numbers game!

More than your average Accountancy firm, Phil has built a company that provides an exceptional and expansive service to help businesses of all sizes grow. Along with being accessible (no technical jargon here!), Clear Accounting Ltd provides a continuous service rather than your average once a year check in.

Along with large businesses, Clear Accounting Ltd has made it their mission to support up and coming small enterprises in their local community. Including sponsoring the Food & Hospitality of the Year Award at the North Wales Young Business Awards. The real satisfaction they get through helping other businesses grow and being involved in their journey has ensured Clear Accounting Ltd has won a place in the heart of their community.  

With a fun and engaging social media presence (check out, Clear Accounting Ltd has managed to make their mark in the local community with 92% of their business coming from word of mouth. However, with exceptional growth comes the need for a quick influx of cash flow. While exploring other options, Phil went with Capital on Tap for what he hoped would be the speed of the process. “There’s a lot of bureaucracy around lending and banks are just too slow.”

Even he wasn’t expecting the speed and efficiency of the process! From his initial request, Phil received a call within 4 minutes and one online form later the facility was in place. One of the highlights of his experience? In the same way that Clear Accounting Ltd has built a reputation on fantastic customer service, Phil praises the knowledge of the support staff for always answering his queries on the spot without getting passed around. “I was so impressed with the service, I even recommended it to a friend who is using it.”

Phil has big plans for Clear Accounting Ltd, including moving to bigger premises, getting more staff on board and building their presence even more. Their success was recognised earlier this year when they were awarded Best Accountancy & Business Support Consultancy for North Wales by Acquisition International. It’s great to be able to celebrate their success and play even a small part in their journey.

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