A week of not just work: dogs, pool and data

Imagine working in a place where everyone is friendly and equal. Where hard work and determination is perfectly balanced with fun and jubilance. Where everyday you are greeted by two lovable dogs. Where every lunch time becomes a mini pool tournament. A place where anything goes.

Welcome to Capital on Tap.

Despite the 6am wake up, the long hours (compared to school) and the jam packed London commuting, Capital on Tap made my work experience interesting and enjoyable. Spending time here has actually put me at ease as to how painful work life would be. Obviously, I wasn’t doing near the amount of work that everyone else was but I was being given a taster of some of the work, like data spreadsheets, which once you complete gives you a total feeling of satisfaction.

The first few days of me being at Capital on Tap involved me shaking hands and being introduced to all the departments and how they work, the different objectives and roles. HR are the eyes and ears of everyone and everything that happens in the company. Business Intelligence was the most complicated to get my head around as they deal with big numbers and have fancy words for those numbers. Sales was full of character and laughs as well as total commitment to getting the work done.

Soon after was Operations, which is the customer service and enquiry platform and was the easiest to understand. Despite the amount of work they have to do they somehow make it look so effortless. Next was IT. IT are the behind the scenes of Capital on Tap; without their intelligent and efficient platforms, the company wouldn’t be able to cope. Wholesales – the voices who get big deals.

Underwriting are those who determine which applicants are approved, and the department I found most interesting. And last but not least was Collections. The most self explanatory department of them all, the money collectors. Senior management also shared the future plans and revelations the company is yet to pursue.

Capital on Tap is welcoming and relaxed, but is also hard working and doesn’t give up easily. Each of the departments have their own special uniqueness that allows the company to excel. The company’s dynamic ways are what makes it so appealing and enjoyable and I am very grateful that for my work experience I had the opportunity to spend it somewhere I felt comfortable.

Thank you Capital on Tap!

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