June focus: Take your business online

In June, the Capital on Tap Blog will run a 4 part series looking into how developing an online presence can benefit your business. We will analyse how the online world can help you reach a larger audience while targeting a certain customer profile, how you can ensure your business can be found efficiently on search engines, the ways in which social media can help you communicate with your customers, and how your website can best represent your company. Here is a summary of the exciting articles coming your way across the next few weeks:

  • Website 101

Website designer Hui gives us his personal tips to make sure your website best fits your business model. What aspects should you never overlook and how can you ensure your website generates traffic and increases revenue.

  • Getting your business discoverable online

We speak to our very own Scott in Business Intelligence to explore the benefits of search engines to grow your audience and target new prospective customers. We’ll also discuss analytics, what they are and how they can help you focus your marketing efforts where they work best.

  • How social can your business be?

Social Media have transformed the way people interact with each other, but also the way businesses communicate with their customers. We look into the most beneficial aspects of a company’s presence on social media, and how to avoid the pitfalls that can come attached to such public forums.

  • Mobile applications tricks you may not know exist

Smartphones have made it easier than ever before to do virtually anything. Can creating a mobile application for your business engage existing customers and reach a wider audience? Katerina, developer at Capital on Tap, speaks with us about application features that could revolutionise your business.

Check in next week to read part 1 of the series!


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