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Capital on Tap has started adding new features to their telephone services: when a customer calls our Customer Service team and all of our operators are on another line, they will now be informed of their position in our new queuing system and given an approximative waiting time until their call can be answered. This feature brings a new layer of transparency and should help our customers decide whether to wait for an operator or contact us at a less busy time if their query is not urgent.

Today, we sit down with Nyasha, the voice behind the phone, who tells us all about her time at Capital on Tap so far and the process involved in creating the new queuing system.

Hi Nyasha, can you tell us a bit more about your background at Capital on Tap?

I joined the company about 18 months ago now, and I started as a member of the Operations team. I moved up to Team Leader of Operations for a while before moving on to a new role back in February when I became the Collections Vendor Manager. I am now in charge of managing outsourcing deals for the Collections team, which is a lot of responsibilities but a lot of fun.

You clearly got to interact with customers at different points of their journey with Capital on Tap; What do you think is the most important quality to have when interacting with customers on the phone?

Patience is the most important one, but also an attention to detail is mandatory: it’s no good being able to answer the phone, you must be able to very quickly understand what’s happening with each customer so that you can handle any call efficiently and properly.

You have now recorded the new queuing system for Customer Service – What was that experience like?

It was a lot of fun – I was really nervous, but it turned out to be easier than I expected it to be. I was in a booth by myself, with the Capital on Tap Head of Operations Zoe in another room alongside Sound Recordist Rob. I couldn’t see their faces nor hear them unless they pressed a button, it was quite alienating. We didn’t need to do too many takes, it only took a couple of hours or so.

We had a simple script with all the sentences I was required to read out into the microphone. Numbers were the most fun one as I had to repeat each number individually a few times so that we could break phrases down during the editing part and create whole new sentences from those clips. Seeing Rob cut things down and change sentences was really impressive, especially little things like a gasp for breath completely disappearing from a sentence.

Customers will now be able to hear your voice even if they do not end up interacting with you in person, how do you feel about being the voice behind the phone?

I had recorded the Christmas announcement last year for Capital on Tap, so some customers are already used to my voice by now. I’ve been doing phone work for close to 10 years now, and I feel that now I’m even more aware of how to use my voice after recording the soundbites: it was interesting to hear the inflections and different pitches during each take so that I could place my voice to the right level on the next takes. It was such a great experience I never imagined I would get, especially working for a Financial company. Thanks to Capital on Tap giving me this opportunity, I might even make a hobby out of audio recording!

What benefits do you think the new queuing system will have for our customers?

It will be a lot more interactive from the start of the call. People may be more likely to hold the line when they are told exactly where in the queue their call is at and what the approximative waiting time is. It will also be beneficiary for people who may not need to speak to an agent on the phone urgently, as they can decide to call back rather than hold once they know how busy our lines are at a certain time.
We can consider more features in the future as well to ensure we can save customers’ time even more, it is all very exciting and will hopefully make their experience even better!

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