Capital on Tap introduces co-branded Mastercard program

As announced last month, national food wholesaler JJ Food Service is the latest partner to have joined Capital on Tap’s Enterprise program. The program enables eligible B2B companies to partner with Capital on Tap to offer their own Mastercard to their customers and benefit from Capital on Tap’s revolutionising credit control technology.

We sit down with Capital on Tap’s CEO David Luck, Head of Partnerships Zoe Newman and Channel Sales Director Brennig Parry to find out more about the program and its benefits.

What was behind the creation of the Enterprise program?

David Luck: What drives everyone at Capital on Tap is the idea that we have the tools and brainpower to disrupt the world of business banking in the UK. We created Capital on Tap 5 years ago to offer British SMEs flexible short-term overdrafts, but our service evolved very quickly to fit the needs and requirements of our customers.

Zoe Newman: We decided to run a second service under the Capital on Tap umbrella which offered larger companies access to the Capital on Tap technology and manpower and meant they could offer trade credit to their own customers. Capital on Tap would underwrite, provide trade credit and handle collections on behalf of the client for all internal orders – it was a popular service over the last few years with clients from several industries including drinks wholesalers, constructions companies and IT services for example.  In 2017, we decided that it was time Trade Credit be reinvented and we launched the Enterprise program.

How does the program revolutionise Trade Credit?

Brennig Parry: We surveyed our existing group of clients and their customers to really understand how the Trade Credit program offered by Capital on Tap was helping at all levels of the supply chain. It became clear to us that customers wanted the opportunity to utilise their credit limit beyond their weekly or monthly orders with our clients.

DL: Because our technology assesses every account in real time, we are able to increase customers’ credit limits based on their profile evolution, and although customers who use trade credit spend on average 20% more, we knew we could do even more at both levels. That’s when we decided to incorporate elements of our most popular product so far, the Capital on Tap Business Mastercard, and elements of Trade Credit resulting in the Enterprise program.

ZN: A partner offers their customers the opportunity to sign up for a credit account, Capital on Tap assesses the application and issues a credit limit and a card. They can then utilise their credit with the partner but also at millions of retailers worldwide where the Mastercard logo is displayed, online or over the phone and at ATMs. Capital on Tap offers credit limits up to £25,000 and all card purchases are interest-free for up to 37 days when the account is paid in full each month.

BP: In return, we offer the partner valuable spending data to better understand their customer needs in addition to a competitive share of interchange revenue on all their customers’ card transactions, whilst reducing all costs related to credit control and collection services.

Who is the program designed for?

ZN: The program is mainly designed for medium enterprises with over 500 customers looking into or already providing Trade Credit to their customers and wishing to reduce their costs, and most importantly get rid of any bad debt. If the customer is out of credit or behind on their repayments, any new transactions would be declined and the partner is not at risk.

Are there different options for the program?

BP: We wanted to create a product that could be launched as quickly as possible if required, whilst also being able to offer a tailored solution to each partner. We offer a couple of options based on a partner’s needs and customer base: the first one is a co-branded Mastercard, which bears a unique card design created by the partner’s team (or Capital on Tap if required). This program takes on average about 12 weeks to launch, but marketing efforts and pre-registration can be launched as soon as the card manufacturing has begun. Partners who wish to launch sooner can elect to offer a Capital on Tap Business Mastercard to their customers. The card has the same benefits as a branded Mastercard and the facility can be up and running within as little as 3 weeks.

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What are the advantages of creating a co-branded Mastercard?

ZN: A co-branded MasterCard will greatly increase the visibility of a brand as your company name and logo will be viewed multiple times a day by all cardholders and people around them. They’re like millions of tiny adverts in your customers’ wallets! This, in turn, increases customer loyalty as they are more likely to think of your brand before any other competitors. Finally, new customers can be incentivised with the prospect of an exclusive credit account when they sign up at no extra cost to your business, making the partnership a risk and cost-free source of revenue and a marketing channel all in one.

How easy is it to integrate the Enterprise program with a Partner’s current system?

DL: This is another great benefit to our Enterprise program: there is no integration needed with your current systems as long as you already accept card payments. The Mastercard acts like any other payment card on the market and can be used in-store, online and over the phone. Capital on Tap offers a powerful reporting platform accessible to you and your employees 24/7 for real-time analytics and offers training and valuable support to your credit and customer service teams if required.


If you would like to partner with Capital on Tap or to find out more about the Enterprise Program, please call 0208 962 7450 today, or fill in our quick registration form here: