Capital on Tap unveils an updated look for the summer

Capital on Tap has been hard at work redesigning their 5-star rated online customer portal and plans to launch the upgrades regularly over the summer.

The first upgraded page, the application page, was already released in the last few weeks. The new version enables customers to apply and join Capital on Tap quicker than ever before, with new fields included in the application form to provide an even more accurate credit decision.

The next upgrade to be revealed in the upcoming days focuses on Capital on Tap’s Premium offer, which sees customers earn uncapped 0.5% cashback on all card purchases by earning points every time they spend. The new features will enable existing Premium customers to better manage their cashback redemption, but will also allow every Capital on Tap customer to join or leave the program without having to contact the team at the office.

During the first-look reveal of the upgraded page, project manager Clare Bennett explained, “Since the beginning, we have always worked closely with the users of Capital on Tap to ensure we give them the tools they need to help them grow their business. Every update we release over the next few weeks directly addresses the great feedback we have received from our customers, from speed improvements to an even better self-management of their account 24/7”.

Capture-premium-pageCustomers can expect faster loading times and several new features which will mean they can manage their account on the go as they require without needing to rely on emailing or calling the customer service team.

We will reveal more exclusive first looks to the next upgrades over the summer, so stay tuned!