Onwards & Upwards with Marqeta

We are delighted to announce a partnership with Marqeta – the leading global card issuing platform. The new partnership will see Marqeta enhance our offering to new and existing customers through advanced infrastructure and a new, Marqeta-powered payment card.

“They showed an intuitive understanding in how they could support our mission to help small businesses thrive through better access to working capital.” 

David Luck, co-founder and CEO of Capital on Tap, has spoken of his delight to partner with Marqeta’s ‘Best-In-Class Card Issuing Platform’. “We’re excited to partner with Marqeta. We loved the transparency and simplicity of their technology and how future focused and innovative their open-API platform is. We felt a really close DNA fit with them and how they’re looking to constantly evolve and build on their tech.”

Marqeta’s technology allows their partners to access actionable, real-time transaction data to drive program improvements. Their platform is designed for innovators who want a simplified way of managing payment programs so that they can create world-class experiences and power new modes of commerce.

“Capital on Tap have shown themselves to be true innovators in the UK fintech space, taking an underserved market like credit for small businesses and building a product that can make a real difference for their customers,” said Ian Johnson, Head of European Growth at Marqeta.

“They’re the very example of a European fintech innovator that the Marqeta platform was designed to empower, providing an agile and scalable platform that allows them to focus on what they do best, creating a top shelf product with a memorable user experience.”

Founded in Oakland, California in 2010, the Marqeta platform is used by the world’s leading innovators to drive new modes of commerce through modern card issuing. Marqeta’s European Digital Banking solution supports instantly issued virtual cards and offers advanced spend controls to engage users and grow card use.

As we close-in on supplying £1 billion in funding to UK SME’s, this partnership is just another example of our commitment to providing our customers with the latest, most efficient and reliable technology to help supercharge their businesses.

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