Top things to take on a foreign business trip

  1. Passport
  2. Some ear-plugs in case the person sitting next to you on the flight starts making conversation
  3. Your FX-free Capital on Tap Business Mastercard

Going abroad? We’ve got a card for that.

We know how much our customers value transparency. That includes no hidden fees. Why don’t you join the thousands of customers who together have saved half a million pounds in foreign transaction fees?

We decided that any card purchases made abroad will be at the standard Mastercard exchange rate. Not to mention, we don’t charge any additional fees for withdrawing cash from an ATM abroad either. So, where are you heading?

A conference in Berlin?

A food festival in Copenhagen?

A talk in New York?

A company excursion to Barcelona?

All of our Business Mastercards are automatically activated to work anywhere in the world that accepts Mastercard, so there’s no need to give us a ring to make sure it’ll work – it just will. And it’ll be great.

Speaking of going abroad, how about a business trip away on us? If you’ve signed up to one of our Rewards programs, you’ll be earning points on all card spend which can be converted into cashback or Avios. Don’t forget your plug-adapter!

Learn more about our Rewards programs here.

Got an account but not signed-up to a Rewards program? Just log-in and head over to your Rewards tab to upgrade!

3 thoughts on “Top things to take on a foreign business trip

  1. I am planning on making a business trip to Autumn mid/late September for several weeks. Although I shall have my Lloyds Bank debit card with me it is reassuring to know that I will also have with myself the Cap.onTap card that arrived safely today. ( 1st Aug ).


  2. If travelling abroad, do not allow the person handing you the card processing machine to set the currency to GBP. Allow Capitalontap instead to do the currency conversion as it will be cheaper.

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