About us

At Capital on Tap our mission is to boost your business with the help of an immediate cash injection with a Business Rewards Card and a limit of up to £25,000 and 1% Cashback on all purchases.

You are rewarded with 1 reward point for every pound you spend, and there is no cap on how many points you can earn. Use your points to pay down your balance or get cash straight to your bank account in 1 day! (Administrative fee may apply for cash transfer)

Even better, all card purchases are interest free when you pay off your balance in full.

Our online portal means you can request funds and manage your repayments from your smartphone, tablet or desktop.

And with instant access to your funding, you’ll always have a safety net available.

We strongly believe in responsible funding and look to build long term relationships with businesses to help them grow.

When you apply online our star rating system will decide the initial interest rate on your overdraft.

When business goes well and you repay on time your star rating will go up and your repayments will come down.

Apply now and you could have up to £25,000 available within minutes.

There’s no hassle with switching banks and not a trace left on your credit history.