Top things to take on a foreign business trip

  1. Passport
  2. Some ear-plugs in case the person sitting next to you on the flight starts making conversation
  3. Your FX-free Capital on Tap Business Mastercard

Going abroad? We’ve got a card for that.

We know how much our customers value transparency. That includes no hidden fees. Why don’t you join the thousands of customers who together have saved half a million pounds in foreign transaction fees?

We decided that any card purchases made abroad will be at the standard Mastercard exchange rate. Not to mention, we don’t charge any additional fees for withdrawing cash from an ATM abroad either. So, where are you heading?

A conference in Berlin?

A food festival in Copenhagen?

A talk in New York?

A company excursion to Barcelona?

All of our Business Mastercards are automatically activated to work anywhere in the world that accepts Mastercard, so there’s no need to give us a ring to make sure it’ll work – it just will. And it’ll be great.

Speaking of going abroad, how about a business trip away on us? If you’ve signed up to one of our Rewards programs, you’ll be earning points on all card spend which can be converted into cashback or Avios. Don’t forget your plug-adapter!

Learn more about our Rewards programs here.

Got an account but not signed-up to a Rewards program? Just log-in and head over to your Rewards tab to upgrade!

BREAKING NEWS: Xero integration is here!

At Capital on Tap we want to be more than just your credit provider, we want to help your business grow by giving you the tools to easily manage your business so you can focus on the activities you love.

We’ve been working hard to make that vision a reality and we’re pleased to announce that from today we have full account integration with Xero! Say goodbye to manually downloading statements to upload them into Xero, now your transactions will automatically be sent to your Xero account making reconciling your expenses so much easier.

This is great! How do I connect?

Connecting your account is simple – just login to your account and head to the new ‘Connections’ tab which is located just above ‘Support’.


Click on the ‘connect’ button next to the Xero icon to login to your Xero account. This will take you to the Xero login page.

Login to Xero

Once logged in, connect the business that you wish to link your Capital on Tap account to.


That’s it – just three easy steps and – you’ll be connected! It’s that simple. You should see your transactions made in the last month appear in your Xero account within the next 12 hours.

Connected to Natalie's company

Oh no, I’m not with Xero – can I connect my transactions?

Soon! Xero is the most popular accounting software with our customers so we wanted to make sure we could help as many people as possible in one go. We know that many of you use other software like Quickbooks, Sage and Freeagent so we’re working really hard to make sure we can also offer these integrations soon!

Addressing SMEs Concerns for their Financial Future

With 99% of businesses in the EU falling under the “small business” umbrella, it is easy to see why many consider them to be the backbone of the economy. As well as powering the economy, these businesses make important contributions to innovation, employment and accelerating economic growth.

Yet, despite their importance, banks have continued to reduce or outright deny vital funding to many SMEs – a factor that has only worsened since the 2008 financial crisis. This has left many SMEs concerned for their financial future. Largely, banks are failing to provide the funding solutions SMEs so desperately need, and even those who do manage to access financing from a bank often find that borrowing is a cumbersome, inflexible and time-consuming process which diverts their attention from their business.


Ultimately, the current situation is unsustainable. As SMEs provide two-thirds of private sector jobs across the continent and contribute more than half of the total value created by businesses across the European Union, more needs to be done to overcome market deficiencies.

To solve this problem, there has been the emergence of alternative lenders, like Capital on Tap. Whether its term loans, credit cards or invoice factoring – more of these services are being provided by non-bank lenders like ourselves and as a result we are the increasingly popular choice among SMEs.

At Capital on Tap, we offer highly automated decision engines, transparency on pricing and excellent customer service, and unlike with bank-backed funding options, our customers receive funds in hours or days, rather than weeks or months. Additionally, as alternative lenders, we continue to innovate and work on robust technology platforms, which give businesses easier access to information and lower operating expenses. We find that once SMEs start using these alternative solutions, they tend to stick around for a long time as they prefer it to their bank.

Given the uncertainty of Brexit and other economic clouds gathering, SMEs need funding certainty now more than ever. Thanks to alternative lenders like Capital on Tap, SMEs are able to access solutions perfectly crafted for their businesses. As we look to expand into Europe, alternative solutions like ours could be just what is needed to help SMEs overcome their financial fears and provide them with a more stable future.

How Flexible Financing Can Drive Growth for SMEs

SMEs are the lifeblood of the European economy. According to advisory group, Interreg Europe, they represent 99% of all businesses and two-thirds of all private sector jobs in the EU, while according to the European Investment Fund’s SME Access to Finance Index: “together, SMEs produce more than half of value added in the EU.”

That is why the success of SMEs is so crucial to the overall health of the European business landscape. Yet, far too often lack of easy access to finance threatens their prospects. Starved of the flexible funding they require, many small businesses struggle to survive, while others find growth opportunities severely restricted.

At Capital on Tap, we have seen at first hand the challenges UK SMEs face. There is often a sense that retail banks don’t speak their language or prioritise their needs. These banks certainly struggle to come up with finance offers that really work for SMEs, mainly because it is hard for them to make the economics work for a small loan.

“We continue to see small businesses being underserved by retail banks and we are trying to solve that issue not only in the UK but now also across the rest of Europe.”

That’s where we believe we can step into the breach. Our automated technology platform can run with minimal costs, meaning that we are able to provide start-up enterprises with loans of as little as £25,000 – and, critically too, we put SMEs front and centre of our whole approach.

The online application process is straightforward, with 97% of customers getting an instant credit decision. SME customers pay no interest on card purchases if they pay off their balance in full every month. Otherwise, they only pay interest on the funds they use. As well as having no monthly or annual fees, they also benefit from having no ATM charges or foreign transaction (FX) fees to worry about.

Since launch, we have provided £500 million worth of funding to 40,000 businesses across the UK. That’s why, while continuing to focus on the UK, we are now looking to also branch out into the wider European marketplace.

“Businesses have loved that our platform was simple and easy, and demand has matched what we have seen so far in the UK.”

It’s clear that SMEs across Europe face many of the same concerns that they do in the UK but generally there are even fewer funding options for smaller businesses in other European countries than there are in the UK.

We have tested our platform in five different European countries already – and have had an incredible response in each. Businesses have loved that our platform was simple and easy, and demand has matched what we have seen so far in the UK. It’s a positive sign.

We continue to see small businesses being underserved by retail banks and we are trying to solve that issue not only in the UK but now also across the rest of Europe. Flexible funding really can provide the answer here. Simply: businesses can go from having no options to having a fantastic option for growth.

– David Luck, CEO, Capital on Tap

Fix your business’ credit control today

Help small businesses thrive. That’s our mantra here at Capital on Tap, and it’s driven our offering since day one. We were recently chatting to our friends at Chaser, the cloud credit control software, about 6 options you have when your business needs an urgent cash flow boost. They ended up giving us some fantastic insight into the mistakes many small businesses make with their credit control function, inhibiting their cash flow. As cash flow is the lifeblood of a business, we asked them how small businesses can most effectively combat these mistakes and establish a world-class credit control function.

Here are the 3 things your business needs to do today to fix its credit control function and get invoices paid on time.

1. Knowledge is power. Arm yourself.

If your business sells on payment terms, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is assuming each of your customers operates the same way. Avoid setting yourself up for excuses and late payments by asking these 4 questions every time you supply a new customer:

  • What information do you need to make payment? (Although your invoice should already include the following: payment details, accepted payment methods, payment terms, invoice date, your VAT or sales tax number, and the correct description and cost of the goods/services)
  • Does this purchase require you to approve a purchase order? (And if so, when will it be approved? Plus don’t forget to include the PO number on the invoice)
  • Who is responsible for making payment on this invoice? (And how do I contact them?)
  • When do you make your payment runs?

Armed with this information, you won’t be blindsided by your customer with excuses about not following procedure. They’ll be forced to justify the unjustifiable – why they haven’t paid you on time when you’ve done everything correctly.

2. Polite persistence pays. Chase consistently.

“Polite persistence pays” is a motto of Chaser’s, and it’s an incredibly effective philosophy to follow when conducting credit control. Chaser have seen that almost 80% of invoices can be collected on time through email chasing alone. Here’s what you need to be doing to maximise your effectiveness of email chasing.

Every email chaser you send needs the following information to be effective:

  • Your business name
  • Invoice reference number
  • Amount owed on the invoice
  • Payment due date
  • Number of overdue days (if invoice is overdue)
  • And always attach a copy invoice

In providing this info, you eliminate any chance of the customer using the excuse that you haven’t provided enough info for them to make payment.


It’s important, however, that your email chasers always remain polite and are sent often enough to keep you front of mind in your customer, but without harassing them. To achieve this, a good rule of thumb is never chase more than once a week or less than once a fortnight. Armed with the knowledge you acquired earlier, send your chasers to the person responsible for making payment on the invoice, and consider timing these chasers with when the customer makes their payment runs for maximum chance of getting paid quickly.

While email is a very effective medium for chasing up unpaid invoices, don’t forget the phone. Especially if your customer is slow to respond or sends vague and unclear replies. A rule of thumb from the Chaser team is to make a call after every third email chaser.

And finally, once payment is received on the invoice, whether it was on time or not, always thank your customer for paying. You’ll positively enhance the relationship with your customer and help encourage timely payment in future. Just a quick one-sentence email is enough, but make sure you do it within the 24 hours after receiving payment for maximum effect.

3. Maintain your invoice communications history neatly.

While the above advice can work wonders on the efficacy of your credit control function, it can be undermined by the lack of a single source of truth. Without consolidated and well-maintained invoice communications histories, a world-class credit control function crumbles. Scrambling through sent emails, multiple inboxes, or notes scrawled on the back of an envelope are all unnecessary risks and time-wasters from the credit control of the past. If your business still manages its credit control function this way, it could easily be racking up hours wasted every week. Not to mention operating with the unnecessary risk of missing key info when it isn’t consolidated into one location.

Whenever you’re conducting credit control with an incomplete picture of the situation, you’re inviting your customers to delay payment. You also risk damaging your business’ reputation by providing conflicting info, having to backtrack on something you mistakenly said earlier, or simply creating the image of a “pushover” company.

Keep a centralised log of all chasers sent, replies received, phone calls taken, and notes made. Make sure it is easily navigated and searchable by customer, invoice, and date. This will not only save your business a world of time, it will empower you to deliver world-class credit control and get your invoices paid on time.


Chaser is cloud credit control software to get your invoices paid on time, in less time. Their average customer saves 7.3 hours a week on credit control, and boosts their cash flow by £4,400 per £100,000 of turnover. Check out how their product can help your business today.

Capital on Tap unveils an updated look for the summer

Capital on Tap has been hard at work redesigning their 5-star rated online customer portal and plans to launch the upgrades regularly over the summer.

The first upgraded page, the application page, was already released in the last few weeks. The new version enables customers to apply and join Capital on Tap quicker than ever before, with new fields included in the application form to provide an even more accurate credit decision.

The next upgrade to be revealed in the upcoming days focuses on Capital on Tap’s Premium offer, which sees customers earn uncapped 0.5% cashback on all card purchases by earning points every time they spend. The new features will enable existing Premium customers to better manage their cashback redemption, but will also allow every Capital on Tap customer to join or leave the program without having to contact the team at the office.

During the first-look reveal of the upgraded page, project manager Clare Bennett explained, “Since the beginning, we have always worked closely with the users of Capital on Tap to ensure we give them the tools they need to help them grow their business. Every update we release over the next few weeks directly addresses the great feedback we have received from our customers, from speed improvements to an even better self-management of their account 24/7”.

Capture-premium-pageCustomers can expect faster loading times and several new features which will mean they can manage their account on the go as they require without needing to rely on emailing or calling the customer service team.

We will reveal more exclusive first looks to the next upgrades over the summer, so stay tuned!


Capital on Tap increases support for UK SMEs’ growth through range of co-branded Mastercard partnerships

Capital on Tap’s co-branded Mastercard program focuses on reinventing the provision of trade credit to better support the growth of UK SMEs through additional cashflow usable at millions of retailers worldwide.

Over the last five years, the entire team at Capital on Tap has worked tirelessly on providing SMEs across the UK with pain-free access to better business banking and extra cashflow. A recent addition to our range of products and services, the Co-branded Mastercard program has been designed for businesses across all industries after several years of research and first-hand experience in the world of Trade Credit.

CEO David Luck explains, “We have already deployed funding facilities of over £340 million to SMEs via our Capital on Tap Business Mastercard, and decided to offer our expertise to bigger businesses as we believe we have the tools to fully reinvent trade credit”.

Having developed a direct understanding of what financial help UK SMEs are actually looking for, Capital on Tap is now offering medium and large businesses the opportunity to utilise the FinTech expertise directly responsible for the success of the Capital on Tap Business Mastercard. David continues, “Our technology underwrites each application as soon as they are submitted, with 80% of applicants receiving a credit decision with 1 minute. Once the customer accepts the offer, the Mastercard is sent in the post and received within 4 days”.

Customers holding the co-branded Mastercard can spend their available credit with the co-branded partner (in-store, online or over the phone) and at millions of retailers worldwide. They also get the same benefits as every Capital on Tap Business Mastercard holders, such as 0% interest for up to 37 days when the account is paid in full each month, real-time credit reviews to improve spending limits and flexible repayment options. In addition, co-branded partners can also tailor special promotions and offers directly to cardholders, enabling them to create a hassle-free loyalty program at no extra cost.

Existing partners have also been able to outsource all aspects of credit control and collections while earning additional revenue. Capital on Tap’s Channel Sales Director Brennig Parry explains, “Because there are no integration efforts needed to get the program started, we have seen new partnerships release within as little as a few weeks after a first discussion. Our partners also greatly enjoy the benefits of seeing their brand awareness increase by having their logo and name on thousands of cards across the UK whilst greatly diminishing any risk of bad debt”.

To find out more about the Co-branded Mastercard program, visit or call 0208 962 7450 to speak to one of our advisors.

Holiday pain points for SMEs: Avoiding a winter of discontent

Although many around the country are ready to welcome the holiday seasons with open arms (who does not spend most of the year waiting to roast chestnuts on an open fire?), the lead up to Christmas can leave a different taste in the mouths of small business owners, closer to what we imagine expired eggnog to taste like. Today we look at 3 pain points that mean winter may not always be the season to be jolly when running an SME, and attempt to offer a solution to each.

1-The Ghost of Christmas Past:  Supplier deliveries

Most of us are guilty of the same thing during the holidays: overbuying everything. Whilst it is undoubtedly great for the economy, stock disappearing too rapidly off the shelves will be sure to cause some panic for disappointed customers and unprepared owners alike.

The simple solution would seem to be to order more stock than usual well ahead of the seasonal rush, but if things were that simple then there would have been no reason to write this piece. There are many reasons why ordering a lot of stock in advance isn’t the answer: short shelf life items would go to waste, small businesses may not have sufficient storage room, budgets might not have taken into account such an increase in stock orders, etc.

In order to avoid cold sweats during the chillier months of the year, it is advised to contact your suppliers to enquire about their orders and deliveries pattern changes during the holiday season. Stock up on the most popular items based on your storage capacity and previous year’s sales, and take into account that scheduled deliveries may be affected by poor weather conditions.

2- The Ghost of Christmas Present: Staff

As anyone who’s seen a good Christmas movie knows, the holidays are a great reason to spend time with your family. Unfortunately, that means that most workers will prefer to spend time away from the workplace between Christmas and the New Year, and managing everyone’s availability whilst ensuring there is enough cover to assure as good a service as always will start the drama season (its official closing ceremony being the annual Christmas party).

Here again, preparing in advance is key: set an early deadline for leave requests, and use a Scheduling / HR program to allocate hours to staff and prevent brain freezes trying to solve that puzzle yourself. Once your schedule is ready, introduce it to your teams as early as possible to ensure everyone knows what is expected of them. Remember to anticipate potential lateness and sickness due to our Great British weather too: communicate clear guidelines to be sure to have sufficient time to arrange for cover.

Seasonal staff is also a possibility during the period, but ensure you employ committed and trained individuals to upkeep the reputation of your business whilst your usual employees are away.

3- The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come: Cashflow

Securing cashflow is not the easiest of tasks for most of the year, but it is especially true at Christmas: stock ordering, decorations, bonuses and other seasonal expenses (such as higher energy bills) are sure to put some pressure on your balance sheet at the end of the calendar year.

This is where your Capital on Tap account can make all the difference, as you can access extra cashflow as and when required. You can either elect to draw down funds directly into your business bank account 24/7 via your online portal or use funds on the go with the Capital on Tap Business MasterCard at millions of retailers worldwide, online and over the phone. And with card purchases remaining at 0% interest for up to 37 days when you pay your balance off in full each month, Christmas expenses can be dealt with in the new year!


The holiday season can prove to be stress-inducing for many of us, but with a little bit of preparation and a dedicated source of business finance ready to help UK SMEs, this Christmas might well be a holly, jolly affair after all. If you would like to check your eligibility for a Capital on Tap account, simply fill in our 2-minute application form today: Check your eligibility

Capital on Tap introduces co-branded Mastercard program

As announced last month, national food wholesaler JJ Food Service is the latest partner to have joined Capital on Tap’s Enterprise program. The program enables eligible B2B companies to partner with Capital on Tap to offer their own Mastercard to their customers and benefit from Capital on Tap’s revolutionising credit control technology.

We sit down with Capital on Tap’s CEO David Luck, Head of Partnerships Zoe Newman and Channel Sales Director Brennig Parry to find out more about the program and its benefits.

What was behind the creation of the Enterprise program?

David Luck: What drives everyone at Capital on Tap is the idea that we have the tools and brainpower to disrupt the world of business banking in the UK. We created Capital on Tap 5 years ago to offer British SMEs flexible short-term overdrafts, but our service evolved very quickly to fit the needs and requirements of our customers.

Zoe Newman: We decided to run a second service under the Capital on Tap umbrella which offered larger companies access to the Capital on Tap technology and manpower and meant they could offer trade credit to their own customers. Capital on Tap would underwrite, provide trade credit and handle collections on behalf of the client for all internal orders – it was a popular service over the last few years with clients from several industries including drinks wholesalers, constructions companies and IT services for example.  In 2017, we decided that it was time Trade Credit be reinvented and we launched the Enterprise program.

How does the program revolutionise Trade Credit?

Brennig Parry: We surveyed our existing group of clients and their customers to really understand how the Trade Credit program offered by Capital on Tap was helping at all levels of the supply chain. It became clear to us that customers wanted the opportunity to utilise their credit limit beyond their weekly or monthly orders with our clients.

DL: Because our technology assesses every account in real time, we are able to increase customers’ credit limits based on their profile evolution, and although customers who use trade credit spend on average 20% more, we knew we could do even more at both levels. That’s when we decided to incorporate elements of our most popular product so far, the Capital on Tap Business Mastercard, and elements of Trade Credit resulting in the Enterprise program.

ZN: A partner offers their customers the opportunity to sign up for a credit account, Capital on Tap assesses the application and issues a credit limit and a card. They can then utilise their credit with the partner but also at millions of retailers worldwide where the Mastercard logo is displayed, online or over the phone and at ATMs. Capital on Tap offers credit limits up to £25,000 and all card purchases are interest-free for up to 37 days when the account is paid in full each month.

BP: In return, we offer the partner valuable spending data to better understand their customer needs in addition to a competitive share of interchange revenue on all their customers’ card transactions, whilst reducing all costs related to credit control and collection services.

Who is the program designed for?

ZN: The program is mainly designed for medium enterprises with over 500 customers looking into or already providing Trade Credit to their customers and wishing to reduce their costs, and most importantly get rid of any bad debt. If the customer is out of credit or behind on their repayments, any new transactions would be declined and the partner is not at risk.

Are there different options for the program?

BP: We wanted to create a product that could be launched as quickly as possible if required, whilst also being able to offer a tailored solution to each partner. We offer a couple of options based on a partner’s needs and customer base: the first one is a co-branded Mastercard, which bears a unique card design created by the partner’s team (or Capital on Tap if required). This program takes on average about 12 weeks to launch, but marketing efforts and pre-registration can be launched as soon as the card manufacturing has begun. Partners who wish to launch sooner can elect to offer a Capital on Tap Business Mastercard to their customers. The card has the same benefits as a branded Mastercard and the facility can be up and running within as little as 3 weeks.

Capture crds

What are the advantages of creating a co-branded Mastercard?

ZN: A co-branded MasterCard will greatly increase the visibility of a brand as your company name and logo will be viewed multiple times a day by all cardholders and people around them. They’re like millions of tiny adverts in your customers’ wallets! This, in turn, increases customer loyalty as they are more likely to think of your brand before any other competitors. Finally, new customers can be incentivised with the prospect of an exclusive credit account when they sign up at no extra cost to your business, making the partnership a risk and cost-free source of revenue and a marketing channel all in one.

How easy is it to integrate the Enterprise program with a Partner’s current system?

DL: This is another great benefit to our Enterprise program: there is no integration needed with your current systems as long as you already accept card payments. The Mastercard acts like any other payment card on the market and can be used in-store, online and over the phone. Capital on Tap offers a powerful reporting platform accessible to you and your employees 24/7 for real-time analytics and offers training and valuable support to your credit and customer service teams if required.


If you would like to partner with Capital on Tap or to find out more about the Enterprise Program, please call 0208 962 7450 today, or fill in our quick registration form here:



Capital on Tap partners with JJ Food Service

National Wholesaler JJ Food Service and Fintech expert Capital on Tap have joined forces to introduce the JJ Food Service Mastercard to all JJ Food Service customers. The exclusive card offers a revolutionising line of support to independent caterers by offering business credit terms to increase cashflow at all times.

All JJ Food Service customers are invited to apply for the card via the wholesaler’s website without impacting their credit score, and credit limits of up to £25,000 and interest-free purchases for up to 37 days are awarded within seconds to approved applicants. JJ Food Service CEO Mustafa Kiamil said, “This is a first for the UK foodservice industry – we understand how hard it can be for independent caterers to manage cashflow, and partnering with Capital on Tap enables to assist our customers even further”.

The card, easily recognisable by its sleek design and the JJ Food Service logo, not only gives eligible customers the option to buy now and pay later across the entire range of products available at JJ Food Service in store or online, but is also accepted at thousands of retailers worldwide where the Mastercard logo is displayed.

In addition, Capital on Tap offers their 5-star rated online platform so that business owners can monitor their account and easily draw funds directly to their bank account. Capital on Tap CEO David Luck explains, “We have always made it our mission to provide SMEs around the UK with quick and pain-free access to extra cashflow and better business banking. By partnering with JJ Food Service, we are now able to take our offering even further and help make a real difference for all independent caterers that trade with them”.

Check your eligibility in 2 minutes today and receive your JJ Food Service Mastercard within 4 business days:

Apply Now