Getting to know our customers: Drink, Shop & Do

Drink, Shop & Do’s Story:

Coralie and Kristie began hosting a Wednesday wine and paper mache evening at their home soon after graduating from university and starting their careers. As the weeks went on it became more and more popular to the point that their living room could not accommodate for the demand. They both realised that there was a market for this and decided to host a pop-up shop in an ex-Victorian bath house based in Kings Cross. The pop-up was such a success that they never left. In fact it has been such a success that Coralie has also managed to open a members bar across the road.

What makes Drink, Shop & Do stand out?

Delicious food and a range of cocktails are not the only characteristics that make this place unique but the transformation the venue makes throughout the day. There are also a range of activities to keep you busy from Lego Robots to Play With Clay and Papier Mache Monsters. By day, Drink, Shop & Do is a mild-mannered King’s Cross café and spritz bar serving a range of teas, coffees, healthy lunches and cakes. By night it switches to a merry den of drinking and dancing, where guests can reconnect with their inner big kid.


Our visit:

We were welcomed in by Coralie and her friendly staff who showed us to our tables and explained the rules of our challenge, the Lego Robot competition. Whilst constructing and creating stories for our robots which would have to be explained at the end of the session we drank beers and wine and snacked on a range of finger food. Coralie explained the journey of building her business to the thriving place it is today. Like many of our clients, Drink, Shop & Do has utilised the product we offer to assist this growth.

Cheers for a great afternoon; Drink, Shop & Do! Some of our staff enjoyed the atmosphere so much that we stayed much longer than we had planned to.

Find out more about Drink, Shop & Do by visiting their website:

Getting to know our customers: BrewByNumbers

Tom Hutchings (co-founder of Brew By Numbers) recently welcomed the Capital on Tap team to their brewery for a tour (and a few drinks!). Here’s what happened…

Brew By Numbers’ story:

The business was founded in February 2012 after Tom Hutchings and Dave Seymour met whilst on a climbing tour of S.E Asia. Since its establishment the business has grown rapidly from starting in a basement Tom rented off a friend’s near Borough Market and has since moved to its current home in Bermondsey’s Rail Bridge Arches. What started as one experimental brew has now evolved into 310 varieties and counting!


What makes Brew By Numbers stand out?

Using a numbering system is what differentiates the business from their competitors; each beer is identified by a unique four digit number. The first two digits denote the style of the beer and the last two denote the recipe. In addition to this, Dave and Tom’s passion is the force behind BBNo’s mission; to only release beers that are of high standard, balanced and drinkable.

Our visit:

Tom explained to us how he and Dave have grown their dream and gave us an overview of the plant from the brewing process to packaging and storage. He also explained how the facility we offer has been useful in aiding this growth. Many small businesses find themselves short of cash flow in the window between paying suppliers and being paid by clients. Capital on Tap’s revolving credit facility aims to seamlessly fill this gap. We ended the afternoon tasting three of the different brews paired with locally sourced cheese, meats and bread. Cheers Tom!


Find out more about Brew By Numbers by visiting their website:

Customer success story: Wedding Rings Direct

When it comes to wedding rings, Anthony and the entire team at Wedding Rings Direct have developed an impressive expertise to ensure no customer is left unsatisfied. Today, we take a look at their story to success, and how their Capital on Tap account has helped ensuring the company remains a leader in its field.

After many years selling jewellery in the Brighton Lanes, Anthony decided to open his own wedding ring business with a clear and concise business plan in mind: he wanted to offer customers the widest possible selection of wedding and engagement rings at the lowest possible price. All rings are produced within their own workshop and sold exclusively on the Wedding Rings Direct website or from within the company’s Brighton based show-room. Anthony explains, “We stock over 5,000 wedding rings in 56 different finger sizes, 13 different widths, and in 18 different metals.” It is safe to assume anyone would be able to find the ring of their dreams from this vast selection, especially with several customisation choices such as “designs, colours, patterns, including diamond-set or just plain polished.”

Just like the rings they sell, everything about Wedding Rings Direct has a feeling of uniqueness to it. The business stands out due to their pricing, huge selection and 5-star rated approach to customer service. The level of service offered by Anthony and his team is truly astonishing: they understand the importance of getting each and every ring just right and offer their expertise at every step of the way to make sure every customer is satisfied. The Wedding Rings Direct Buying Guide offers descriptions of styles, and metals, but also provides helpful explanations of sizes, ring profiles, diamonds and engravings.

The customer support far from ends there, with the provision of a sample service designed to help customers make the right choice. Shoppers can simply order a few samples and try them on at home for a week – simple and efficient, this service means that the ring can be tried on at different times of the day to cater for finger size changes based on climates and day times!

Back in 2013, Anthony’s high street bank had lost some of its efficiency in supporting his business finance requirements. He explains, “Our bank was going through the last financial crisis and was not helpful in providing any loans or overdrafts”. Enters Capital on Tap, which back then specialised in short-term business overdrafts. Customers could simply login online, select the desired amount to borrow for a certain amount of weeks and their repayments were spread out each week for the chosen duration.

The Capital on Tap offer has evolved over the years, and Wedding Rings Direct adopted each change with open arms, from monthly repayments to obtaining the Capital on Tap Mastercard: “Capital on Tap is 100% reliable and has constantly improved its fintech offering, as a result of which we always know what finance we can have at any time just by logging into our account.”

When evaluating the funding options for Wedding Rings Direct, Anthony needed a solution that would be economically viable, but also fast – funds needed to be available when required, and with such a dedication to efficiency and customer service, speed can make all the difference. Again, Capital on Tap managed to meet the business’ expectations: “The whole transaction takes about 30 seconds between the drawdown request and the text to advise the money is on its way – there is rarely any need to speak to anybody about our account, so our time is not wasted in a call waiting queue!”

The next big project for Wedding Rings Direct is to expand their overseas market through 5 bespoke overseas websites. UK customers can also look forward to a brand new range of personalised gifts, which will then be launched internationally a little later on!

If you cannot wait to find out more about Wedding Rings Direct, or would like to get in touch with them, here are some useful links to their websites and social media pages:

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Customer success story: Clear Accounting Ltd

With it’s rich culture, stunning beaches and exhilarating mountains it’s no surprise that North Wales was named as one of the best regions to visit in 2017 by Lonely Planet. It follows that many would choose to call the area home, including Phil Jaycock and Clear Accounting Ltd!

Experienced ‘numbers-guru’ Phil started Clear Accounting Ltd back in 2013. As any new business owner will find, breaking into a small market where other businesses are already established can be a challenge. It didn’t take long for them to stand out from the rest though, with a more personalised service based on building real relationships with their clients. To this day, you’ll still find Phil on the road commuting daily to meet his clients at their place of business (so they don’t have to!) frequently outside of regular business hours. A nice touch that is so often missing from the numbers game!

More than your average Accountancy firm, Phil has built a company that provides an exceptional and expansive service to help businesses of all sizes grow. Along with being accessible (no technical jargon here!), Clear Accounting Ltd provides a continuous service rather than your average once a year check in.

Along with large businesses, Clear Accounting Ltd has made it their mission to support up and coming small enterprises in their local community. Including sponsoring the Food & Hospitality of the Year Award at the North Wales Young Business Awards. The real satisfaction they get through helping other businesses grow and being involved in their journey has ensured Clear Accounting Ltd has won a place in the heart of their community.  

With a fun and engaging social media presence (check out, Clear Accounting Ltd has managed to make their mark in the local community with 92% of their business coming from word of mouth. However, with exceptional growth comes the need for a quick influx of cash flow. While exploring other options, Phil went with Capital on Tap for what he hoped would be the speed of the process. “There’s a lot of bureaucracy around lending and banks are just too slow.”

Even he wasn’t expecting the speed and efficiency of the process! From his initial request, Phil received a call within 4 minutes and one online form later the facility was in place. One of the highlights of his experience? In the same way that Clear Accounting Ltd has built a reputation on fantastic customer service, Phil praises the knowledge of the support staff for always answering his queries on the spot without getting passed around. “I was so impressed with the service, I even recommended it to a friend who is using it.”

Phil has big plans for Clear Accounting Ltd, including moving to bigger premises, getting more staff on board and building their presence even more. Their success was recognised earlier this year when they were awarded Best Accountancy & Business Support Consultancy for North Wales by Acquisition International. It’s great to be able to celebrate their success and play even a small part in their journey.

For more information on Clear Accounting Ltd., visit their website at:

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Customer success story: Special Occasion Hire

Your wedding day is something many women dream about from when they are little girls. With scrapbooks filled with pristine white dresses, sparkling diamonds and lush flower arrangements, it’s no surprise that brides know exactly what they want, and compromise isn’t always on the cards! While Bridezillas may strike terror into the hearts of many, Rosemary, founder of Special Occasion Hire, not only takes the challenge head on, but thrives on it.

From a career in fashion retail management and design, Rosemary has always had a flair for the artistic, putting together elaborate window displays in Selfridges that stop passerbys in their tracks. It was while planning her own wedding back in 2005 – a romantic affair with candles, a mint green and cream theme, and chair covers she had made herself! – that she decided to pursue a career helping others put together their perfect special day.

From your local church to the Gherkin, Rosemary now turns those childhood longings into stunning reality. And while her personal taste is towards clean and elegant lines, she’s not opposed to anything out of the ordinary (can you say gothic wedding?!). This is because for Rosemary it’s all about the personal touches and creating each bride’s vision, rather than pushing out carbon copy weddings.

Since then, Special Occasion Hire has won Event Decorator of the Year (London) at the English Wedding Awards 2016, as well as being featured in Your London Wedding four times! And her customer success speaks for itself with most of her business coming through word of mouth (she did a 1st birthday for a previous bride recently) and also their engaging and lush instagram

With business booming and Special Occasion Hire expanding into other events (birthdays, anniversary, corporate events, etc.), Rosemary got to the point where she needed cash flow and she needed it now. While exploring different options with banks she heard about Capital on Tap from her husband. She was amazed when within an hour of applying the money was in her account. Then, having the ability to log in online and leave the funds there for when she needs it, while always knowing exactly how much is available has been a real life saver.

“Things always pop up. Look at how much the prices change at flower markets. People just need some stability, life is complicated enough. Capital on Tap has given me that and made sure that I always have that cash flow.”

What’s next for Rosemary and Special Occasion Hire? With a particular passion for floor design and the desire to have her own show room, there certainly is enough to go around. Capital on Tap is looking forward to joining her on this journey!

For more information on Special Occasion Hire, visit their website:

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Customer success story: Oakstone Designs Ltd.

Where every budding chef has created a Michelin star masterpiece, the kitchen is that place in the home where imagination meets functionality. Whether it be cooking for a special occasion, a family affair, a date or simply after a long day’s work, every homeowner dreams of having that perfect space to create tantalising dishes to delight their taste buds.

No wonder it’s the most popular place to start for home improvements. Dreams of having the perfect kitchen though come with a range of ideas for how to combine practical storage and functionality with a stand out design.That’s where Steven Kennedy and his company Oakstone Designs Ltd come in!

Based in Darlington in County Durham, Steven and his team create bespoke kitchen solutions to match each customer’s needs. Working closely with a team of highly skilled craftsman and an innovative design team, they create beautifully crafted, solidly built furniture with a very English twist. Operating since 2004, they’ve always kept the customer’s needs first and foremost, ensuring they get a highly personalised and unique service experience.

Inevitably, as business has expanded there has been more stress placed on Steven and his team including a need for added cash flow. After exploring other options, Steven decided to go with Capital on Tap and their lending facility, and hasn’t regretted it for a moment!  “Now we’re ready for anything unexpected that crops up because at the back of our minds, we know we have a cash flow facility that really fulfils our needs.”

Now in its twelfth year, the quality of their work has enabled Oakstone Designs Ltd to steadily grow from strength to strength over the last decade, securing their position as one of the premier kitchen companies for discerning customers in the North-East. It’s a testament to the quality of their work that Oakstone Designs Ltd is in the unique position of having to open a new store just to keep up with the demand!

It just goes to show, that with a great team around you, great products and access to funding when you need it you can create the recipe for success.

For more information on Oakstone Designs Ltd and the amazing work they do, please go to:

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Customer success story: Perpetual Art Design

Setting up a business at any time can be difficult. Whether you see a clear gap in the market, want to try and exploit a niche or simply have a great new idea. Bringing it to life takes hard work, dedication and an unshakable belief.

Now think about setting up a tattoo studio in the beautiful, picturesque, historical town of Taunton, Somerset. Not your traditional setting for a business of that nature. You would normally associate such a business with the vibrant urban areas of London. But getting this venture off the ground was a dream of Damian Michalak, a purist of the form and someone who takes his skill very seriously indeed.

His store, Perpetual Art Design, specialises in quality body art created with care and attention. Using top of the line equipment, creative design and attention to detail, Perpetual Art Design create, true works of art.

Challenges however have never been too far behind and have cropped up one after the other testing the resolve and patience of the team. Damian Michalak owner and CEO explains “First and foremost the challenge of sticking out like a sore thumb in such a quiet town was huge. People didn’t think we belonged here and attached a stereotype to us, assuming a typical customer would sweep the town and make noise, noise, noise.”

Overcoming such an obstacle and to change the public’s perception was always going to be difficult, add to that the lack of customers and you find the infancy of Perpetual Art Design a very difficult journey.

He continues “We found the challenge of getting our name out there very difficult. As well as a slow start in terms of customers, other factors started to take hold of the business. Day to day cashflow became an issue, we needed to get some equipment fixed and everything seemed to be going downhill.”

Fellow business owners can relate to Damian’s difficulties, getting that extra bit of funding to grow is essential to a successful business. “That’s why we went to Capital on Tap, they are tailor made for a business like us. The speed of their application and approval process was impressive. Once we were approved, we had funding in our account the same day. The next day we went out, got our equipment fixed and spent the rest of our funding on trying new things to attract customers.”

Trying new things, like going to university nights and other hot spots his core customers go to was a stroke of genius. Armed with leaflets, designs and his own tattoos on show Damian was able to craft a small following which has since grown across the town.

Now they boast 3 staff, a much brighter and funkier workspace, as well as state-of- the-art equipment that keeps them ahead of the trend curve.

The work is more varied and diverse than ever and the clients come from all backgrounds. The beauty of the growth is shown in diverse array of clients coming into the store on a daily basis. Word of mouth continues to spread and tattoos are becoming the thing to have in Somerset.

“We’ve come a long way from where we were at the start of opening this studio. We’ve broken stereotypes, introduced our craft and created quite a following. Capital on Tap opened doors to help us realise the potential of our business, the speed of the entire process meant we could start doing the things we wanted straight away. Much quicker than if we had gone down the traditional funding route. Now whenever we need a little extra boost for another new idea we want to try, we know that funds are literally only a click away.”

For more information on Perpetual Art Design, visit their website:

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